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  1. PRESS RELEASE: Oso Mudslide Benefit Fun Run 10k/5k/1 Mile announced

    Oso Mudslide Benefit Fun Run 10k/5k/1 Mile announced
    Arlington Runners Club
    Event Opens: Saturday, April 26th at 9:00a
    Moment of Silence ceremony at 10:37a
    Start of the Fun Run at 10:45a
    Event Closes at 12:45p
    Arlington Airport Trail, Arlington, WA – The Arlington Runners Club has a 9 year history of hosting charity fun run events in Arlington with the race registration fees donated to local charities.  Last year the Arlington Runners Club hosted a special fun run to benefit the families and victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. When we heard the devastating news of the Oso mudslide disaster and its impact on our community, we had to put on a fun run to raise money for our local community and have partnered with the Skagit Runners Club to do so.
    Registration is currently open for this event and 100% of the registration fees will be donated to three (3) local organizations which have been intimately involved in the entire rescue, recovery and ongoing relief efforts.  The organizations selected as recipients of the monies raised are:

    1. 1. The Darrington Family Support Services in Darrington has been selected because of their ongoing support of work on the Darrington side of the mudslide.

    3. 2. The Oso Mudslide Relief administrated by the Oso Community Church in Oso has been selected because of their ongoing support of work on the Arlington side of the mudslide.

    5. 3. The Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue (SCVSAR) has been selected because of their tireless devotion to assisting individuals in crisis throughout Snohomish County.  As their name states, they are volunteers and receive limited public monies.  Most of the SCVSAR members donate their equipment as well as their time and expertise and we would like to help them purchase new or replacement supplies and equipment to help them continue their critical work in our community.

    The center of activity for this event is located just east of the Stillaguamish Athletic Club located at 4417 172nd Street NE – the vacant lot on the northwest corner of 172nd Street NE and Airport Boulevard in the Smokey Point community in Arlington.  We are expecting more than 1,000 participants for this event.
    Registration is open now.  Visit our website at  or our Facebook event page at  or email us at
    The Arlington Runners Club is a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) organization which host 5 events each year.  The registration monies raised are given to a local charity.  This year’s events are:

    1. River & Rails Run (March 22nd, the mudslide occurred during the event) – the proceeds go to Cocoon House which works with at-risk teens.

    3. Walk & Roll Run (May 17th) – the proceeds go to Eagle Wings disAbility which works with the special needs community.

    5. Rescue Run (September 20th) – the proceeds go to the Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue Operations Support Unit.

    7. Airport Run for HOPE! (October 18th) – the proceeds go to Housing Hope which works with distressed and low income families with emergency, temporary and long-term housing needs.

    9. Christmas Run (December 6th) – historically the funds went to a local chapter of Toys for Tots, this year we will be donating the money to the Oso relief efforts.


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  2. Oso Mudslide Run – Where’s the money going?

    I did quite a bit of research to make sure the monies raised will get to the people who need it most.  There are a lot of good organizations who would do a great job of helping those in need, but we had two important goals we hoped to achieve:  1) a LOCAL organization   2) an organization that is intimately involved in the recovery and relief efforts from the very beginning – basically someone who KNEW where the real need was so we could make the most impact.  As a result we have identified the following 3 organizations and will be dividing the proceeds between them:

    1. The Darrington Family Support Center. They are a small community service center who are intimately involved with the recovery & relief efforts on the Darrington side of the mudslide.  They are doing a fantastic job of working with the first responders and families affected by the mudslide.  Very local, very connected with what’s going on and who needs assistance.
    1. The Oso Mudslide Relief (administrated by the Oso Community Church, also very involved with the current recovery efforts and needs of affected community on the Arlington side of the mudslide. Also doing a fantastic job working with everyone.
      1. Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue.  I have close friends who are part of the SCVSAR and was shocked when I found out that they do not receive any public money.  They volunteer everything from their time to their equipment.  ARC started doing the Rescue Run for them last year at the Arlington Appreciation Day and will continue to do so every year to help them raise money for equipment and supplies so they can focus on rescuing people.
  3. Oso United Sets ARC Record

    untitledWe have officially broken the 300 barrier – we now have 303 people registered for the Oso United Mudslide Benefit Fun Run!  Our previous high registration number was 298 with 289 of those people actually completing the event.  We still have 2 weeks to go before the event and we would love to have over 1,000 participating on the day of the event – we’d love even more.  Thank you to all who have registered and all who are still planning on registering.

  4. Oso United Mudslide Benefit Fun Run Update (04-12-2014)

    A frequent request is to post the registration link at the top of the Facebook page, it has been pinned at the top for a while, you must have missed seeing it. It is also linked at the club website: … the… top post has links for registering online.

    Another common request is: Where is the money going to be donated? There are many organizations who would be good recipients; however, we have identified 3 local organizations who are very involved with the ongoing efforts related to the mudslide and affected persons. We believe these organizations will do the best job of getting the money to those most impacted by the mudslide:

    1. Darrington Family Services (covers a very broad range of services to assist those impacted by the mudslide on the Darrington side of the mudslide).
    2. Oso Mudslide Relief (administrated by the Oso Community Church, also very involved with the current recovery efforts and needs of the affected community to assist those impacted by the mudslide on the Arlington side of the mudslide).
    3. Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue (SCVSAR). As the name says, they are VOLUNTEER and the only public money is for the helicopter team. Every team needs to raise their own money to support their search and rescue efforts. ARC started the RESCUE RUN last year for the SCVSAR Operations Support Unit and will continue to do that annually with the Arlington Airport Appreciation Day (September 20, 2014).

    ARC has also decided to give the proceeds of our Christmas Run to the Oso Mudslide relief efforts. We hope you will join us on December 6th as we continue to reach out to help those impacted by this tragedy. Details are available on our club’s website (more will come as the event draws closer).

  5. Active Registration: Creating a TEAM or joining a TEAM

    If you registered for one of our events and you want to create a TEAM and get the old Team spirit flowing, follow these steps.

    Active-TeamsParticipant Creating A Team Post-Registration

    NOTE The participant must log into My Events to create a team post-registration and have claimed their registration.

    1.  Log into My Events
    2.  Under the event registration, select Create Team
    3.  Complete the Team Information form
    4.  Click Save

    NOTE The participant can email team members and invite new members to join, using the Team Center

    NOTE If team member information needs to be edited, the participant can do this by selecting Edit next to Team Information

    NOTE Custom team form questions will not be included when post-registration teams are created or joined

  6. Oso United Event Shirts available $15 each

    Event shirts are not included with registration; however, we have ordered 125 event shirts (Men’s sizes small to XL) which are available at $15 each. 100% of the shirt sale proceeds will go to the Oso United Mudslide Benefit. When the supply runs low, we will order additional batches of shirts as needed.

    Click on the shirt to purchase, please use the “Add special instructions to the seller:” link to tell us the size(s) of shirts you want before you complete the PayPal donation.

  7. Donate the the Oso United Mudslide Benefit Fun Run

    100% of the monies given to ARC will be donated to LOCAL charities who are helping the mudslide recovery efforts and assisting those affected by the mudslide.


  8. Oso United Mudslide Benefit Fun Run (April 26th) – areas where help is needed

    We will need to organize various groups to help. I’ve gotten some response but right now they are not organized – I’ll be working on that this week.

    To keep everyone updated on the progress, I’m going to start scratching out the list so you know who has stepped forward to cover an area of need and what we still have left to address.  The strike-thru will indicate we’ve got it covered in the area of need.

    1. Parking/traffic control crew/parking lot security (Jessica VanPelt & Nike Outlet).  We need about a dozen people to help with this task.  Nike will provide 10 people and Robyn & Caiti Dalberg have volunteered to help.

    2. Course Workers (Josh Hatfield & RE/MAX) – most of them will be needed for the 10k course. We will also have a 1 mile course to staff. The 1 mile course is pretty straight forward so I think 6 workers should cover the 1 Mile course well. Definitely don’t want anyone getting frustrated because they can’t figure out what the course layout is, let alone get lost. Josh Hatfield will take lead on getting the course workers to where they need to go. If we can come up with a 15 passenger van that would be perfect. Otherwise, I think we can use our CRV pulling a our utility trailer (if I can get a trailer that SEATS people that would be even better).

    3. Entertainment.

    a. I want a HUGE tent near the starting gate so we can have a live band or bands. I really want to set a festive mood. I need a really big tent.
    b. Live band(s) – I have a few ideas, if you have some let me know.
    c. Face painters – anyone have this skill and willing to donate their time and talents?
    d. Bouncy House – anyone with a contact that might donate the bouncy house?
    e. Kids Run for little kids (like 7 and under).
    f. Anything else?? Think what would make this event FUN.

    4. Emergency workers. I will post a request to see if any EMT’s will volunteer their skills for the event. I would like someone who would contact the local fire department (they’re probably already overworked) about positioning themselves at the event and if they get a call they can go. But with a crowd this large we need some emergency personnel at the event site and maybe near the parking off of 188th on the back side of the 10k course in case someone has an issue on the far end.

    5. Communications. I will contact our friends at the Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue Operations Support Unit (that’s who we do the Rescue Run for) to see if they are available. They might be neck deep in the recovery efforts. I don’t know how quick we can use our cellphones for communications. Cell phones are great and everyone has one, my concern would be the ease of communication when things go wrong. Thoughts?

    6. Finish Line (Alan Powell & Walgreens).

    a. We probably should have someone handing out participant ribbons as they cross the finish line.
    b. I think it would be good to have one person per event (4 people total) to grab the race bibs and put them on a stringer to track the finish order.
    c. We will need some people at the timed finish line to recover the timing chips from the timed runners. They’ll need scissors.
    d. I would like someone on a bicycle to lead the 10k course so the lead 10k person knows where they are going and everyone else will just be following the lead. I would love to do this at all of the airport events – it would resolve a lot of frustration.

    7. Pictures & Video (Lauren Suddoth & Gary Lingenfelter).

    a. Lauren Suddoth volunteered to take pictures. We probably should have more than Lauren to capture as much as possible.
    b. I would love to have a digital video camera to grab some video too.
    c. Someone to put a video montage together to memorialize the event would be fantastic.

    I probably have other things I’m leaving out, but that should bring you up to date on where I am and what needs to happen between now and April 26th.

  9. Oso United Mudslide Benefit Fun Run (April 26th) Update

    Here’s how things are shaping up right now.  We continue to stand UNITED with the Oso Community.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

    1. The start time was changed from 10:00 to 10:45 because we realized the event will take place 5 weeks after the mudslide occurred. The mudslide occurred at 10:37a on March 22nd, we will have a moment of silence at 10:37a and a bell will sound for each soul who perished.

    2. We’ve tweaked the name from “5k/10k” to “Fun Run” because we’ve added a 1 Mile course to appeal to more people.

    3. We opened up registration through and have already received 19 registrations.

    4. We have decided that the an event shirt will not be provided as part of the registration fee but we will have a limited number of event shirts for sale/donation at the event for those people who want an shirt to commemorate the event.

    5. We would like to emphasize that our primary purpose is to raise money for the Oso Community. Our secondary purpose is to enhance our community experience. Although we intend to put on a quality event with many features of professional events, our focus on the timed run is way down on our list of priorities (but we’re runners, so it is important).

  10. Oso Memorial Run planned for April 26th

    We are in the very early planning stages of putting on a benefit run for those impacted by the mudslide in Oso on March 22nd.  Arlington Runners Club is 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) organization and that allows us to donate 100% of the proceeds to help reduce the financial burdens of those impacted by the mudslide and means your contributions are tax deductible.  We wish we could do something to help with the loss of loved ones but our hearts and prayers are with them.

    You can help ARC get the word out about this event in the making.  At this point all we know is that we want to host a run on April 26th and donate the monies received.  We have NO idea how big this will be in our community but we know we will need volunteers to help us pull this off and sponsors to help us financially cover the overhead costs of putting on an event.  Because we expect this to be the largest event in Arlington Runners Club history, our largest event so far was just under 300 participants, there will be some things we’ve not had to do before – like traffic control and porta-potties and the like.  If you would like to help sponsor the event or volunteer, please drop me an email at

    We’ll do our best to keep our website and Facebook page updated with the progress of this event. If you could help us get the word out, we would appreciate it.

    We’re still working on a name and logo for the event.

    Our hearts and prayers are with you. God bless.
    Jon Hatfield, Arlington Runners Club President and the Arlington Runners Club family