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  1. Oso United Christmas Run Results

    The OFFICIAL race results are finally available. Let me know if you see something wrong (I’m human and sometimes it’s hard to read the handwriting). Many, many thanks to Gary Lingenfelter for taking event photos; as well as our other volunteers – many coming forward at the last minute because they knew we needed help. I’ll get the photos processed and uploaded as soon as possible, but it will take awhile.

    It was a blustery day and we had to nail the canopies down to keep them from blowing away, and the wind was blowing the START/FINISH sign out parallel to the ground.   It was a light turnout for our Christmas Run; we normally are pushing 300 participants but this year we only had 128 cross the finish line.  Thirty-nine (39) people finish the 10k and eighty-nine (89) finishers in the 5k.  The Murray family was well represented with Jonathon Murray setting a new 5k record with a lightning fast time of 16’22.02 and Sarah finishing first in the Women’s 5k.  Duane Oftedahl repeated as 1st place overall in the 10k (he also took 1st place at the Airport Run for HOPE! in October).

    Here’s the top finishers:

    • 5k Men: Jonathon Murray with a record breaking time of 16’22.02
    • 5k Women: Sarah Murray with a time of 23’48.90
    • 10k Men: Duane Oftedahl with a time of 38’25.81
    • 10k Women: Jacalyn Gross with a time of 40’18.14

    To see the full results, visit the RESULTS tab and scroll down to the 2014 Christmas Run results.

    The Arlington Runners Club is a 100% volunteer organization. This club is our way of inviting you to a better and fitter lifestyle through the fellowship of other runners, joggers and walkers. As soon as the checks clear and the last of the Active registration deposits happen, the registration monies will be donated to the Oso Mudslide Relief Fund which is local and administered by the Oso Community Church (which was, and is, integral to the search, rescue and recovery efforts) and continue to be a source for local folks affected by the tragedy of March 22, 2014. ARC is proud to have you as a partner in this endeavor. Individually we can make a difference, but together we can really make an impact.

    Thank you for joining us at this event. Together we raised $2,317.88 for the Oso community. Add that to the $36,742.08 we raised at the Oso United Mudslide Benefit Fun Run in April and that makes a total of $39,059.96 raised this year to help our brothers and sisters recovering from the Oso mudslide. A great accomplishment and this was a fantastic end to a very difficult year for our community.

  2. Oso United Christmas Run – Saturday, December 6th @ 11:00a

    Oso-United-Christmas-RunTis the season to be jolly, and we’re kicking off the Christmas season with our annual Christmas Run. This year we’ll be donating the proceeds to our brothers and sisters in Oso who are still recovering from the disastrous mudslide on March 22nd. The START/FINISH area is located behind the Stillaguamish Athletic Club located at 4417 172nd Street NE in Arlington/Smokey Point. We’re exited to discover that Santa will stop by from 10:00a-11:00a but has to get back to the north pole and finish getting everything ready for his big day on Christmas eve.

    If you were at the Airport Run for HOPE on October 19th, we’ll be running the same venue. The 5k event is an out and back course which uses the bike trail on Airport Boulevard. We’ll have a water station at the 5k turn-around (just south of the intersection of 188th Street and Airport Boulevard). The 10k course runs counter clockwise around the Arlington airport on the airport trail. This course is a 50/50 mix of paved and trail running. We’ll have a water station at the 3 mile point and you can also grab water at the 5k turn around location. Jogging strollers are welcome on both courses.

    We have trophies for the 5k Men’s Overall finisher, the 5k Women’s Overall finisher, the 10k Men’s Overall finisher, and the 10k Women’s Overall finisher (4 trophies). We also have placement ribbons for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers in the various age brackets (14 and under, 15-19, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70+).  Awards will be handed out about noon (as soon as we have enough 5k finishers to start handing out awards) and the 10k awards will be given immediately after the 5k awards ceremony.  We should be done with everything about 12:30p.

    The proceeds will be given to the Oso Mudslide Relief Fund administered by the Oso Community Chapel. They’re very tuned into the needs of the community and where the monies can be utilized best.

    Early Registration is open now – and if you register early you’ll save $5, but this savings ends Saturday night (November 29th). You can register online at or day of race registration opens at 9:45a on Saturday the 6th.


    Even in light of the tragedies in our community this year, we still have so much for which to be thankful.  Hope to see you!

  3. 2014 Airport Run for HOPE! Results

    Once again, we started the day with a little drizzly rain but it didn’t stop us from running. It was one of our smaller attendances with only 43 5k finishers and 23 10k finishers. The times were good and we all had a great time running.

    The weather didn’t really cooperate as it was W-I-N-D-Y but not as windy as last year’s Rescue Run. The runners had to battle the wind on the final leg along Airport Boulevard which caused them to have slightly slower pace – but the times were pretty good, especially taking in the wind conditions.

    Housing Hope took photos for the event, but I don’t have them to post yet. As soon as I get the photos I’ll upload them and get a link so you can see them. If you have photos you’d like to share please send them my way and I’ll get them up for everyone to see.

    Here’s the top finishers:

    • 5k Men: Greg Waters with a time of 19’53.27
    • 5k Women: Rhonda Warrick with a time of 24’18.02
    • 10k Men: Duane Oftedahl with a time of 38’27.46
    • 10k Women: Vicki Powers-Stiles with a time of 56’25.65

    To see the full results, visit the RESULTS tab and scroll down to the 2014 Airport Run for HOPE! results.

  4. 2014 Rescue Run – A beautiful day to RUN!

    Keven Babbit AKA the Stroller Guy, 5k Men's Overall was the fastest 5k runner ... and pushing a stroller.

    Keven Babbit AKA the Stroller Guy, 5k Men’s Overall was the fastest 5k runner … and pushing a stroller.

    We started the day with a little marine layer fog but it didn’t quench our spirit. We doubled last year’s attendance, maybe slightly more than double. It was a beautiful day in Arlington, almost too beautiful because I think some people stayed away to do last minute work in their yards or take advantage of perhaps the last beautiful weekend in the Pacific Northwest.

    We faced a few challenges, seems like we have faced a challenge every time we’ve used the airport trail in the last 3 years. The 10k route started with about 800 meters of out and back running before heading around the airport trail in a counter-clockwise loop around the airport. We did a staggered start with the 10k runners starting 10 minutes before the 5k runners; however, not all the 10k runners had made it back (and past) the start gate which made the 5k start a bit chaotic (sorry about that).

    We had a first today, Miran McCask was the first runner to cross the finish line in the 10k event.  It’s surprising that it’s taken us this long to have a female take the top spot in either event.  Congratulations Miran!  Way to go.

    I didn’t have a photographer today, so unfortunately no photos to post. If you have photos you’d like to share please send them my way and I’ll get them up for everyone to see.

    Here’s the top finishers:

    • 5k Men: Kevin Babbit with a time of 24’39.74
    • 5k Women: Elizabeth Malinak with a time of 26’47.90
    • 10k Men: Scott hale with a time of 46’44.65
    • 10k Women: Miran McCask with a time of 45’51.74

    To see the full results, visit the RESULTS tab and scroll down to the 2014 Rescue Run results.

  5. 2014 Rescue Run – Saturday, September 20th at the Arlington Airport Office

    2014-Rescue-RunThat’s right.  Hard to believe it’s time for our 2nd Rescue Run.  This year we have tech shirts with the logo included with your registration (while supplies last … and they usually last), the logo is a sample (white lettering on a red tech shirt). This event starts at the Arlington Airport Office located at 18204 59th Ave NE in Arlington, WA (that’s across the street from the Skookum Brewery and just south of the Boys and Girls Club).  Once again we’re teaming up with the Arlington Airport Appreciation Day during this event.  It’s a fun day with a lot of activities at the site.  Hopefully the weather will be better than it was last yer – it was super miserable last year.

    Registration is open already, click on the Register Link for a link.  Cost is $25, but if we receive your registration before September 14th, you save $5. If you miss the early registration, we also have day of race registration, which opens at 7:45a.

    We have two venues/events.  The 10k event is basically a loop around the Arlington Airport using the airport trail.  The airport trail is about a 50/50 mix of gravel and paved trail.  There is also a 5k event which is perfect for anyone who likes to run or walk.  The 5k course is and out and back course which is about a 40/60 mix of gravel and paved trail.

    The proceeds of the event (your registration fees) will be donated to the Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue (SCVSAR) Operations Support Unit.

  6. 2014 Walk & Roll Run Results

    We completed another great event today … in pouring down rain.  I felt so sorry for those of you who participated.  Most of the participants came back so wet it looked like they dove into the Stillaguamish River and swam the 5k or 10k instead of running or walking it.  D-R-E-N-C-H-E-D ! ! ! That’s the only word to describe it.  Fortunately it was very warm rain so it was pretty tolerable.

    Here’s the top finishers:

    • 5k Men: Greg Waters with a time of 19’33.40
    • 5k Women: Erika King with a time of   28’23.96
    • 10k Men: Michael Brisbois with a time of  40’14.18
    • 10k Women: Rhonda Warrick with a time of  50’51.14

    To see the full results, visit the RESULTS tab and scroll down to the 2014 Walk & Roll results.

    ArlingtonRunnersClub's 2014 Walk Roll Run album on Photobucket

    I’ll have the results up sometime tomorrow as I spent most of the day drying out the equipment so I could put it away. Enjoy the photos, I’ll look to see if any need editing. Thanks to Gary Lingenfelter for taking these excellent photos. He deserves some sort of award (like everyone else today) for hanging out in the rain.

    Stay tuned … more to follow.

  7. Darrington Mudslide Memorial 5k Run/Walk

    I normally wouldn’t post another event oDarrington-5kn the day we have an event, but this one is special. The Darrington High School Leadership Class is hosting a Mudslide Memorial 5k as part of several student’s senior project and to raise money for scholarships. One of the students lost her father in the mudslide so it hits very close to home.

    The cost of the event is $20.00 and includes an event shirt while supplies last.

    The course is flat and a combination of gravel and paved road. The course is a flat out and back 5k. It starts with about a 1/2 mile loop around the baseball fields on gravel trail at Whitehorse Community Park then out 1 mile on North Mountain Road to the turn-around and back the same course to the START/FINISH line.

    For more information, download their registration form Darrington 5k Registration Form


  8. Oso United LOST & FOUND

    We did pretty well … only found this hoodie left behind.  Does it belong to you?  If so, send me an email at



  9. Oso United Mudslide Benefit Results Posted

    Wow, I knew there was a lot of work leading into an event like we just completed for the Oso United Mudslide Benefit Fun Run, but I had no idea it was equally grueling on the other side of the event. On the first day I just collapsed from exhaustion, relief and because I could – first time in 5 weeks I could relax without feeling like I should be doing something else. There were two trailers and one pickup truck full of stuff to unload and organize, barricades to return to the City of Arlington, as well as record and deposit the money taken in on Saturday as well as answer emails and phone calls. Everyone was very appreciative and affirming – thanks.

    My current count says we had 1,083 participants at the event. I probably won’t spend much more time on that issue as it’s close enough.

    As of right now, we have raised $21,351.49 for the Oso community – that’s right. Give yourself a standing ovation! AND MORE DONATIONS STILL COMING IN.  I was hoping to break $25,000, but we had a TON of kids (which I am very glad about – kids really make an event fun) and the Arlington Runners Club doesn’t charge for kids 14 and under because we want our events to be affordable so the entire family can get involved.  We also don’t charge for adults 70 and over because they are usually on a fixed income and they deserve to have something FREE.

    What’s left to do?  PHOTOS.  That’s the next thing to tackle.  Oh yeah, and we have the Walk & Roll Run on May 17th to raise money for Eagle Wings disAbility.  Fantastic people who work with special needs community in our local area.  The Walk & Roll Run is at Haller Park near at the Stillaguamish River (near Food Pavilion).  We use the Centennial Trail for that event.  It’s a simple out and back, paved course.  Really flat.  Super fast times.  You can register for that at Active or download and mail in your form.  Event shirts are included with your registration.  They got a special deal on PolyDry shirts – you’ll love them.

    Speaking of event shirts. We are going to make another batch of event shirts if you missed out on one at the event (and since we only had 135 event shirts and over 2,000 people at the event – you probably missed out on purchasing an Oso United event shirt).  The cost will still be $15.00, but we will have to add another $3.00 so we can cover the shipping to get them to you.  I will post the link to order a shirt tonight and I’ll be placing an order on Monday – so that only gives you about 5 days to place an order for a shirt.


    Oso United Mudslide Benefit Run Race Results
    April 26, 2014
    … OFFICIAL Race Results Posted (04-29-2014)

    Oso United Mudslide 5k Results
    Oso United Mudslide 10k Results

    You can also view them on the Skagit Runners website at:


  10. Oso United Mudslide Benefit Run Update

    My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this run such a fantastic event.  It wasn’t without trouble and not everyone was happy, but we had about 1,000 people running and walking and raising money for our neighbors in Oso and we had somewhere around 2,000 people in total.  I am so grateful to have been a part of this event and so proud of everyone coming together for Oso.  We had at least 2 people from the mudslide at the event.  One was Natasha who lost her mother and 4 month old baby Sanoah and another woman who was one of the few people who survived the mudslide.  She shared with us her appreciation for loving the families and survivors of the mudslide.  I know I cried more than once today.

    After the event my wife, son and I went to Oso for the Oso Strong Tribute for the first responders. It was very touching and honoring to be among those in Oso who are so strong. They were knocked down, but not knocked out. They showed the world what it means to be community. We’ve heard it said that “it takes a village” it doesn’t, it takes a community; a strong community – Oso STRONG.

    I will report back about the final count of participants and monies raised as soon as possible. Unfortunately it takes a while for the money to be available to us from the online sources like PayPal and Active. If you wonder, “What’s taking him so long?” That’s what’s taking me so long. That and I have to recover. It was a very difficult and long day for me and others.

    We did a good thing today. Thanks for being a part of it.

    I’ll leave the PayPal DONATE button on our website until May 3rd to make sure everyone who wanted to give is able to do so.

    Jon Hatfield, Arlington Runners Club President