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  1. Eagle Wings Walk and Roll 5K/10K May 14 2016


    Join us for a 5K or 10K at Haller Park at 10am on May 14, 2016!  The ARC Eagle Wings Walk & Roll, Run is a family friendly – yet professionally timed race.  The course is along the Centennial Trail north and afterwards (approx.11:30am) we’ll enjoy live music provided by Voices of the Village and a free BBQ lunch!  This is a great event, whether it’s your first 5K or you’re training for your personal best 10K.  Know someone with special needs?  We’ll have a ½ mile course just for you!!  Not into serious exercise?  Register and we’ll pair you up with one of the people we serve and you can walk and visit together.  Put together a team of 10 or more and receive a gift!  All proceeds from this race go to Eagle Wings, a local charity providing relational support for adults with disAbilities. Also, this year you get to go home with this sweet medal!!


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  2. River and Rails Run is coming up March 19th 2016

    About This Activity

    The RFKC River & Rails Run is a 5k/10k charity fun run with the registration proceeds going to the Royal Family Kids Camp.

    The goal of Royal Family Kids’ Camps (RFKC) is to create positive memories for children who have been abused and neglected in order to introduce them to God’s love. RFKC is an international non-profit organization and Cedar Park is excited to sponsor a local camp! Camp gives abused and neglected children an opportunity to enjoy one week when they can be safe and happy like all children should be. Because some of these children would be unable to succeed in a regular camp setting, RFKC is designed with their needs in mind and its staff is specially trained. Volunteers are dedicated to giving these children a week of happy memories and hope for the future.

    Caring counselors and surrogate “aunts and uncles”, “grandmas and grandpas” show them what it feels like to belong to a loving family. Each summer, these children can enjoy just being kids with swimming, rock climbing, arts & crafts, woodworking, singing, games, great meals and so much more. They feel safe, loved, special… and this week of positive memories can last a lifetime.

    Most of our campers have never celebrated their birthday, so we hold A Birthday Party for all of the Campers at the Camp with Birthday Boxes filled with small gifts to celebrate each and every child’s special day, a time of cake, games and presents where they are constantly affirmed through compassionate care and love.

    The event that starts at Haller Park in Arlington, WA and runs north on the Centennial Trail.  The 5k turn-around is near the gravel pit and the 10k turn-around is just south of Grandview Road.

    There will be a staggered start.  The 10k runners will start and 10 minutes later the 5k runners will start.  Awards will be handed out approximately 1 hour after the race begins and as soon as enough participants complete the course.

    Event details and schedule

    Day of Race Registration and pre-registration packet pickup opens at 8:45a.  Start of the 10k race is 10:00a, 5k starts at 10:10a.

    There is plenty of parking at Haller Park and nearby on the street.

    The start of the course is on the Centennial Trail just north of Haller Avenue behind the old Food Pavilion grocery store (GPS: 48°12’4.65″N,122° 7’38.33″W).  The 5k goes out Centennial trail and the turnaround is at the gravel pit (GPS: 48°13’14.92″N, 122° 8’18.37″W).  The 10k continues on the Centennial Trail to just south of Grandview Road (GPS: 48°14’19.33″N, 122° 9’29.72″W).

    There are restroom facilities at Haller Park (1100 N. West Avenue) about 1 block from the starting gate.

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  3. Run fast or stay home – Club Record Times

    Okay, maybe that’s not the best post name … running is ALWAYS a good thing to do so don’t stay home.

    I just updated the times on our record board and here’s the record holders covering 10 years of running at the Arlington Runners Club events each year.

    Fastest 5k Man award goes to Jonathon Murray with at time of 16’15.52 set at our 2013 Toys for Tots Christmas Run.

    Fastest 5k Woman award goes to Andrea Eiseman with a time of 18’59.43 set at our 2013 Boston Solidarity Run.

    Fastest 10k Man award goes to Brian Sutter with a time of 34’13.55 set at our 2012 River & Rails Run.

    Fastest 10k Woman award goes to Jacalyn Gross with a time of 40’18.14 set at our 2014 Oso Christmas Run.

    So if you’re name is not on this list, stop reading this and start running … FAST. Hope to see you on this list soon!

  4. 2015 Toys for Tots Christmas Run Race Results Posted

    Toys-for-Tots-2013Finally was able to set aside a bit of time to get the race results compiled and posted. Thanks one more time for your patience.

    It was another beautiful day to run in the Puget Sound area! It rained buckets as we were getting ready for the race, but when the race started it wasn’t too bad – you’ve gotta love the weather in the Puget Sound area. It was a little more blustery than we’d like, in fact, we didn’t even put up the START/FINSIH banner on the gate because it was acting like a windsurfer’s sail and would have blown over the gate. Together we raised $1,819.95 for the local chapter of Toys for Tots so there will be a lot of tots very happy this Christmas season.

    The limited photos we have are uploaded to the Facebook page so check that out at

    Here’s the top finishers:

    5k Men: Jonathon Childers with a new club record time of 17’37.27
    5k Women: Andrea Eiseman with a time of 17’58.43 which may be a record for women’s time – at least a near record.

    10k Men: Dawson Andrews with a quick time of 37’00.65
    10k Women: Megan Ware edged out her competition with the time of 56’59.93

    To see the full results, visit the RESULTS tab then scroll down a bit to find the 2015 Christmas Run results.



  5. Toys for Tots Christmas Run – Saturday, December 5th @ 11:00a

    Toys for Tots LogoTis the season to be jolly, and we’re kicking off the Christmas season with our 10th annual Christmas Run. This year we’re returning to the roots of the Christmas Run and the proceeds will be donated to the local chapter of Toys for Tots. The START/FINISH area is located behind the Stillaguamish Athletic Club located at 4417 172nd Street NE in Arlington/Smokey Point. There is lots of parking in the grassy area north of the Stillaguamish Athletic Club (please don’t park in their parking lot) and we can use the restroom facilities inside of the Stillaguamish Athletic Club, please let them know you’re with the Christmas Run so they can keep track of who’s inside of their facility.

    We’re exited to discover that Santa will stop by from 10:00a-11:00a but has to get back to the north pole and finish getting everything ready for his big day on Christmas eve.

    The 5k event is an out and back course which will run on the Airport Trail which parallels Airport Boulevard. We’ll have a water station at the 5k turn-around (just south of the intersection of 188th Street and Airport Boulevard). The 10k course runs counter clockwise around the Arlington airport on the airport trail. This course is a 50/50 mix of paved and trail running. We’ll have a water station at the 3 mile point and you can also grab water at the 5k turn around location. Jogging strollers are welcome on both courses.

    We have trophies for the 5k Men’s Overall finisher, the 5k Women’s Overall finisher, the 10k Men’s Overall finisher, and the 10k Women’s Overall finisher (4 trophies). We also have placement ribbons for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers in the various age brackets (14 and under, 15-19, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70+).  Awards will be handed out about noon (as soon as we have enough 5k finishers to start handing out awards) and the 10k awards will be given immediately after the 5k awards ceremony.  We should be done with everything about 12:30p.

    The proceeds will be given to the local chapter of Toys for Tots to put toys in the hands of local kids this Christmas.

    Early Registration is open now – and if you register early you’ll save $5, but this savings ends Saturday night (November 21st). You can register online at or day of race registration opens at 9:45a on Saturday the 5th.

  6. 2015 Airport Run for HOPE! Race Results Posted

    Another beautiful day to run in the Puget Sound area! The rain held off until the event was over and we had near perfect temperature. Thank you for your participation. The monies raised by the registration fee will be donated to Housing Hope to help them with their mission to help individuals and families in Snohomish County who need housing assistance – and they go WAY beyond that. I am amazed at the wonderful work these people do. If you get a chance, check out their website and learn more – or better yet drop by their offices in Everett and see things for yourself.

    It will take me several days to get the photos from today’s run processed and uploaded. It’s a busy week, but I’ll do what I can to get them for you as soon as possible.

    Wowzers we had some fast times at today’s run. The 10k runners were on FIRE! A tad slower than our club record for the 10k of 34’48.18 set by Kevin Saur at the 2014 River & Rails Run and 17’38.43 for the 5k set by Dan Edmonds at the 2013 Walk & Roll Run.

    Here’s the top finishers:

    5k Men: Evan Rassoumoff with a blistering time of 20’36.90
    5k Women: Donna Beard with a time of 23’31.30
    10k Men: Duane Oftendahl with a rabbit like time of 39’01.90
    10k Women: Miran McCash with an equally impressive time of 42’36.84

    To see the full results, visit the RESULTS tab the 2015 Run for HOPE! then scroll down a bit to find the results.

    Our next event is Saturday, December 5th at 11:00a. The same location, same courses but the proceeds will go to the local chapter of Toys for Tots. This is a real fun event and you’ll have a blast – who’s not in a good mood kicking off the Christmas season running and raising money to put toys in the hands of local kids. We will also be collecting toys so if you want to bring a toy …. feel free to do so.


  7. 2015 Rescue Run Results Posted

    It was a good day to run, the weather was decent: not too windy, just a little sprinkle and near perfect temperature. We had a good turnout and with near record attendance for this event. This marks the 3rd year we’ve held the Rescue Run, we hope to gain momentum each year. Thank you for your participation. The monies raised by the registration fee will be donated to the Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue Operations Support Unit. They provide communications, coordination and food support for the search and rescue efforts. We are proud to partner with them again this year.

    Here’s the top finishers:

    5k Men: Azusa Otawa with a time of 23’01.27
    5k Women: Jessica Sommerfield with a time of 23’03.37
    10k Men: Luke McQuade with a time of 57’37.27
    10k Women: Kit Russell with a time of 58’51.71

    To see the full results, visit the RESULTS tab and scroll down to the 2015 Rescue Run results.



  8. Registration Open for the 2015 Rescue Run – September 19th at 9:00a

    Rescue-Run-LogoThe 2015 Rescue Run is fast approaching. El Niño has given us great weather this summer and promises to continue the streak, unfortunately that great weather resulted in a lot of fires in Washington and a taxing of emergency services. Join ARC in raising some money for these folks to help them help others.

    You can register online right this very minute, just follow this link. This year we’re only accepting early registrations online via so we can keep a better track of your event and shirt choices as well as capture your contact info so we can contact you with questions or to update you about the event (don’t worry, I do my best to limit the contacts because I really dislike getting junk email too and don’t want to be guilty of doing something I hate).

    The venue for the 2015 Rescue Run is near the Arlington Airport Office located at 18204 59th Avenue NE; Arlington, WA 98223. That’s just across the street from Skookum Brewery or right by Ellie’s Restaurant at the Airport (which is a fantastic place to eat). The registration process (day of race and picking up your pre-registered packets, getting your event shirt and all) will be close to our START/FINISH gate.

    Day of Race registration opens at 7:45a, the race starts at 9:00 for the 10k and 9:10 for the 5k. We will start handing out awards about 10:00a (as soon as enough 5k folks have returned so we can start the process). As soon as those awards are done, we should be able to go right into giving out the 10k awards. There will be a trophy for the 1st place finisher in each gender/event (that’s 4 trophies total – 2 events time 2 genders). We also have placement ribbons for the top 3 finishers of each age group (14 and under, 15-19, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70+). There will be plenty of water and post-race snacks to re-energize your body.

    Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue Operations Support Unit puts on a great feast – after all, that’s a big part of what they do to help in the Search and Rescue process.

    There’s plenty of parking around the Arlington Airport Office and restroom facilities at the Arlington Airport Office as well. A word to the wise, there is limited restroom facilities at the Arlington Airport Office so don’t wait until the last minute or you’ll be standing in the restroom line instead of the starting line.

  9. Arlington Pedal-Paddle-Puff Triathlon on July 4th


    The Arlington Runners Club (ARC) loves community involvement.  We love getting people outside and active and connecting with each other in our beloved community.  I think it’s what makes a community a community.  It brings people together so we can meet each other and learn their stories and get connected.  With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to attend and/or participate in the annual Pedal-Paddle-Puff Triathlon.  The event starts and ends at Haller Park in Arlington.  If you don’t know where it is, just Google it and follow the directions.

    There’s a twist to this year’s competition: you can use any sort of non-motorized floatation device to scurry down the river.

    Join us for the Arlington tradition that dates back to pioneer days, when settlers and Native Americans would race down the Stillaguamish River for sport. This race is great fun for the whole family, groups of friends, or individuals who want to push themselves to the limit. All proceeds from the race will be donated to help build the SPLASH PARK at Haller Park. 

    This year the order of events is slightly different. The race will begin with puffers, followed by the pedalers, and ending with the paddlers.

    Team and Iron Person Registration at Haller Park 8:00-9:00
    Meeting of all race participants at Haller Park 9:00-9:15
    Canoes/Kayaks/Innertubes/Floaties Transport up to Park 9:15
    Start of race at Haller Park 10:00

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Approximately 14 miles of 3 interconnected routes utilizing a bike, canoe/kayak and running shoes.

    Route #1 Puff: Approximately 2.0 miles.
    Beginning at the starting line, proceed south continue South on the Centennial Trail. Follow the trail approximately 1 mile, and return back to the race finish line to slap hands with the biker. There will be volunteers blocking traffic, and a clearly marked turn around.

    Route #2 Pedal: Approximately 5.8 miles.
    From Haller City Park entrance, go south on Division Ave. to Haller Ave. Turn left on Haller Ave. (on north side of Food Pavilion store) to Broadway St. Turn right on Broadway to Burke Ave. (Hwy 530). Turn left on Burke Ave. (Hwy 530 East) follow SR 530 to the Arlington Heights Road, turn right on to Arlington Heights Road, staying on the right hand shoulder of road continue to Jordan Road. Turn right on the Jordan Road, staying on the right hand side of road, follow the Jordan Road to the Jim Creek where the Paddle portion of the race begins.

    Route #3 Paddle: Approximately 6 miles.
    Open to Any type of flotation device for the first time ever! For the those who are racing for time, you will placed in the front for the start.   All Paddlers must have life jackets and whistles.

    Beginning at the mouth of Jim Creek, 6 miles along the main channel of the South Fork of the Stilly River to the beach at Haller Park. The runner will make contact with the boater at the beach, and finish at the finish line, or iron man participant will finish by running to the finish line. Note: The river conditions may dictate a change in the landing area

    Register for the 2015 Pedal-Paddle-Puff online at

  10. Oso Mudslide Memorial 5k Run in Darrington CANCELLED

    As you may have heard, the Leadership Class at the Darrington High School were going to host a 5k event on Saturday, May 30th but the event was cancelled due to illness. No other information is available. So if you were planning on going to Darrington for this event, it has been called off. Hopefully there will be an event next year and I’ll update the website as I get more info.