Oso United Mudslide Benefit Run Race Results
April 26, 2014
… OFFICIAL Race Results Posted (04-29-2014)

Oso United Mudslide 5k Results
Oso United Mudslide 10k Results

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Oso United Mudslide  Benefit Wrap-up
Event: April 26, 2014 @ 10:45a

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this run such a fantastic event.  It wasn’t without trouble and not everyone was happy, but we had about 1,000 people running and walking and raising money for our neighbors in Oso and we had somewhere around 2,000 people in total.  I am so grateful to have been a part of this event and so proud of everyone coming together for Oso.  We had at least 2 people from the mudslide at the event.  One was Natasha who lost her mother and 4 month old baby Sanoah and another woman who was one of the few people who survived the mudslide.  She shared with us her appreciation for loving the families and survivors of the mudslide.  I know I cried more than once today.

After the event my wife, son and I went to Oso for the Oso Strong Tribute for the first responders. It was very touching and honoring to be among those in Oso who are so strong. They were knocked down, but not knocked out. They showed the world what it means to be community. We’ve heard it said that “it takes a village” it doesn’t, it takes a community; a strong community – Oso STRONG.

I will report back about the final count of participants and monies raised as soon as possible. Unfortunately it takes a while for the money to be available to us from the online sources like PayPal and Active. If you wonder, “What’s taking him so long?” That’s what’s taking me so long. That and I have to recover. It was a very difficult and long day for me and others.

We did a good thing today. Thanks for being a part of it.

I’ll leave the PayPal DONATE button on our website until May 3rd to make sure everyone who wanted to give is able to do so.

Jon Hatfield, Arlington Runners Club President