Oso 2015 – Mudslide Memorial Run, May 30th– CANCELLED
Linne Hayward, a high school teacher in Darrington, and her leadership team were planning on hosting a Mudslide Memorial Run this year but had to cancel due to illness.  


Appendix: Oso United Christmas Run
Thank you for joining us at this event. Together we raised $2,317.88 for the Oso community. Add that to the $36,742.08 we raised at the Oso United Mudslide Benefit Fun Run in April and that makes a total of $39,059.96 raised this year to help our brothers and sisters recovering from the Oso mudslide. A great accomplishment and this was a fantastic end to a very difficult year for our community.

As soon as the checks clear and the last of the Active registration deposits happen, the registration monies will be donated to the Oso Mudslide Relief Fund which is local and administered by the Oso Community Church (which was, and is, integral to the search, rescue and recovery efforts) and continue to be a source for local folks affected by the tragedy of March 22, 2014. ARC is proud to have you as a partner in this endeavor. Individually we can make a difference, but together we can really make an impact.


ARC-ChecksOso United Mudslide  Benefit Update
Here’s the skinny on how much money was raised at the April 26th event and where it went.  The checks were mailed out on July 3rd (money kept dribbling in so it took a long time before it was apparent that giving was over) and all three recipients have cashed the checks.  Oso Chapel responded with a thank you note and the other recipients were thankful but didn’t respond – I’m sure they’re busy …. look how long it took me to make this post.  Love, grace and forgiveness are best when given generously.

1. Together we raised $36,689.77
2. $15,000 was given to the Oso Mudslide Relief administered by the Oso Chapel. They do/did a bunch of work with the rescue efforts and ongoing community relief on the Arlington side of the slide.
3. $14,000 was given to the Darrington Family Support and Resource Center. They do/did a bunch of work with the rescue efforts and ongoing community relief on the Darrington side of the slide.
4. $6,698.77 was given to the Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue (SCVSAR) 4×4 Team. I don’t know what they did, but when I approached SCVSAR they said the 4×4 Team could really use the money and the other teams were doing okay.
5. $1,000 was kept in reserves here at ARC and will be disbursed after the dust settles. The reason for this hold back is that ARC’s normal budget is about $3,500 per year and writing checks of $15,000 is a bit intimidating if one makes an accounting error. We just don’t have financial reserves of that magnitude. $15 errors we can cover, maybe even $100 errors (probably out of my personal pocket). So I will disburse the final $1,000 shortly – I am leaning towards disbursing them with the Christmas Run proceeds.
6. It seems like the best use (most bang for the buck and best administered which results in getting this money into hands that really need it) is to give the Christmas Run proceeds to the Oso Mudslide Relief administered by the Oso Chapel. Oso Chapel covers all administrative costs so 100% of the monies donated get to those affected by the mudslide. I also love that they are as local as one can get – they have their finger on the pulse of the needs.


Sponsors and helpers of the Oso United Mudslide Benefit Fun Run also need to be acknowledged. 
I am still totally amazed at our community and the willingness to pitch in.

Here’s a list of sponsors and their level of giving to help cover the overhead costs of the event. The total donated to cover the overhead of the event totaled $4,683.70. It cost $1,825.92 to put on the event – the remaining $2,857.78 was added to the disbursed monies (part of the $36,698.77 raised).


Diamond Level: $1,000 or more:.
Regence Blue Shield
Platinum Level: $500-$999:.
RE/MAX Pacific Northwest Region
RE/MAX Signature in downtown Arlington
Gold Level: $300-$499:.
Downtown Arlington Business Association
Silver Level: $100-$299:.
Kathy Morrow of RE/MAX Performance Plus in Kent
Sheri Goldman of RE/MAX Performance Plus in Kent
Ray Townsend
Western Washington Medical Group – Podiatry
Special Mention: $1-$99 and something other than money:.
John F. Williamson
Mary Carey & John Laden Jr.
Rich Williamson of RE/MAX Signature in downtown Arlington
Mikie Moda of RE/MAX Signature in downtown Arlington
Roberta Keith of RE/MAX Signature in downtown Arlington
Something other than money and it wouldn’t happen without them.
Walgreens – they were awesome!
Skagit Runners – again … awesome!
Ed Garcia – sound man extraordinaire
Dave & Laura Perkins for letting us use their sound system
Keith Yarder – our amazing Master of Ceremonies
Bev Hatfield for 43 flags representing the victims
Starbucks in Smokey Point
Nike Outlet in Burlington
Total amount kept by the Arlington Runners Club .. zero, zip, nada.
We have the honor of knowing we were a part of something great and helped our neighbors who found themselves in harms way. We are proud that we are a 100% volunteer organization and ONLY receive the joy and personal satisfaction of helping others in need while doing something we love – RUNNING.




Oso United Mudslide Benefit Run Race Results
April 26, 2014
… OFFICIAL Race Results Posted (04-29-2014)

Oso United Mudslide 5k Results
Oso United Mudslide 10k Results

You can also view them on the Skagit Runners website at:


Oso United Mudslide  Benefit Wrap-up
Event: April 26, 2014 @ 10:45a

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this run such a fantastic event.  It wasn’t without trouble and not everyone was happy, but we had about 1,000 people running and walking and raising money for our neighbors in Oso and we had somewhere around 2,000 people in total.  I am so grateful to have been a part of this event and so proud of everyone coming together for Oso.  We had at least 2 people from the mudslide at the event.  One was Natasha who lost her mother and 4 month old baby Sanoah and another woman who was one of the few people who survived the mudslide.  She shared with us her appreciation for loving the families and survivors of the mudslide.  I know I cried more than once today.

After the event my wife, son and I went to Oso for the Oso Strong Tribute for the first responders. It was very touching and honoring to be among those in Oso who are so strong. They were knocked down, but not knocked out. They showed the world what it means to be community. We’ve heard it said that “it takes a village” it doesn’t, it takes a community; a strong community – Oso STRONG.

I will report back about the final count of participants and monies raised as soon as possible. Unfortunately it takes a while for the money to be available to us from the online sources like PayPal and Active. If you wonder, “What’s taking him so long?” That’s what’s taking me so long. That and I have to recover. It was a very difficult and long day for me and others.

We did a good thing today. Thanks for being a part of it.

I’ll leave the PayPal DONATE button on our website until May 3rd to make sure everyone who wanted to give is able to do so.

Jon Hatfield, Arlington Runners Club President